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Anything involving voluptuous warrior women in modern, ancient, and futuristic scenarios. Fights to the death are encouraged, but not required.

The women must be curvy to voluptuous in size. Large breasts and buttocks are encouraged. Art, photography and all media accepted.

If you've got something with a lot of style, then put it in Featured. Submit to the gallery that makes the most sense otherwise.

I won't be upset if you put the wrong content in the wrong folder by mistake. Trust your judgement.
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Jun 4, 2013


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deviation in storage by D3D-PerilArt
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Behold: The Voluptuous Warrior's Decree...

Sheelah The Remarkable photo Sheelah Covered_1.jpg

Luxuriate in these vast, comfortable halls of theatrical creativity.

:iconvoluptuouswarriors: :iconproudwarrioress:

Proud Warrioress Art and Voluptuous Warriors exist to promote, represent, and respect the voluptuous woman in action-heroine and villainess scenarios, combined with a sexy and erotic twist. We do not promote violence toward women, but rather, we allow women to express their full sex appeal and empowerment in a fantasy-inspired forum.

The works of art and literature produced by Proud Warrioress Art depict scenes involving actresses, playing roles as they perform in a forum together that they all love. They joy in starring in these productions, and one should be aware that the violence and blood that the viewer sees are simply special effects in their fantasy life.

We maintain that a group of women may enjoy their desires together and display their abundant femininity with respect and dignity at the same time.

We should respect the imaginations of others, and we should keep our own imaginations within the realm of healthy manifestation. We should employ our morality and celebrate our diversity. We should be empathetic to humanity and every human that is a part of it, and so we ask that you see this artwork for what it is. It tells the story of the theatrical productions made by several actresses that seek only to enjoy themselves, and in turn, they ask that the world embraces love and dignity for all of humanity.

Although Voluptuous Warriors Contributors and Members have their own art and views, I believe that we all embrace the spirit of this: artwork and fantasy are anything goes, but in reality, we uphold women with care and respect. All of our Contributors are known for displaying a classy view of the type of art that we produce, and I respect their work tremendously.

With that said, keep in mind, this group is where voluptuous women fight one another to the death in every imaginable scenario. Artists: Bring Your A Game. Don't hold back.

Big Boobs LOVER by 0Guardian0

Mature Content

Rub by 0Guardian0
Big Boobs LOVER by 0Guardian0
Got ass? Stamp by BootiesRUs

Mature Content

Breasts stamp by Somethingfake
Got ass? Stamp by BootiesRUs

Enter these halls, and enjoy these tales of feminine heroism!!

:iconproudwarrioress: :icondalecar: :iconjerrie46: :iconseaquester: :iconx-commissions:

Most of our Contributors are Sexyamazons Premium Artists. We are part of an extensive member site with thousands of images. Each of us have our own area in the site, and you get access to all of us when you join.


We want to give special recognition to MrBadHand, a very well respected artist at Sexyamazons, and a contributor here at Voluptuous Warriors. His artwork is always very sexy, but also very respectful and skilled in it's presentation. Here are a few gorgeous illustrations of Proud Warrioress by MrBadHand:


We also want to give special recognition to a fabulous and respected artist at SexyAmazons, Monsant, who is also a Contributor here at Voluptuous Warriors! He has illustrated a wonderful drawing of Proud Warrioress located here:…


Check out Shawn O'Toole aka YellowPlasma's Action/Adventure Erotica at these links!…………
And while you're there, just click on his other stories and take a peek!

And check out for amazon art featuring catfights, femdom, glamorous voluptuous art, muscular ladies, bad girls, girls with guns and more!

**I WANT MORE COMBAT ART IN FEATURED! ARTISTS TURN IT UP! Keep submitting all art there, but Give Us Some ACTION!**

Damn! You guys Did turn it up! Awesome!


:iconproudwarrioress: :iconcomoplz: :iconcommissionsopenplz: :iconcomoplz: :iconcommissionsopenplz: :iconcomoplz: :iconproudwarrioress:

Proud Warrioress Art is happy to announce that commissions are open.

Click the link below for prices and formats:…

Paypal by Th3EmOo Is the preferred payment method.

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Requests are closed

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Greetings everyone! Here is the question of the day...did you know that asking questions demonstrates how smart you are? Yes, I know that this sounds astonishing to some people, but it is true. Stay tuned, and we will tell you how.

I know a few people, both men and women, who seem convinced that it is much more wise to pretend to know an answer instead of asking pertinent questions. There are many people who believe that they appear ignorant and weak if they do not know the answer to a question, or they try to dramatically demonstrate their intelligence in a boisterous manner, for all the World to see! Their attitudes scream out "See me! Here here, See Me! Know that I am in charge! Know that I have All of the answers!"

The truth is that ignorance shows through such posturing. There in nothing wrong with ignorance, but there is Everything wrong with pretending to be competent when one is ignorant. I have noticed that a lot of young people who are Brand new to a work environment, will often come onto the scene with an attitude that they are in charge. I have even seen such young people try to order around those with many years of experience. This is the height of foolishness, and such behavior is guaranteed to demonstrate one's lack of experience more than anything else.

This scenario was even demonstrated on the popular television show Bones. I did not see the entire story arc, so my full knowledge of how the story progressed is limited (see how I did that? I didn't know everything about that, so I just admitted it), but there was a new anthropologist in the lab, and she was constantly trying to make the head anthropologist look foolish. She tried to make the mistakes of the leader paramount, and thereby heighten her own abilities in the eyes of others. Foolishness incarnate.

I once knew an old combat veteran. He told me that while he was in the field, everyone tended to follow the advice of the sergeant instead of the lieutenant because the sergeant had seen more and knew more. The interesting thing about it is that the lieutenant knew that the sergeant's advice carried the weight of more experience, and the lieutenant didn't even mind this, as long as the chain of command was respected. The sergeant saved them all, advising that they sleep camouflaged under the sands of a nearby beach instead of in the jungle. The jungle was bombed that night. The lieutenant respected the sergeant, and everyone lived because of it. The sergeant respected the lieutenant's rank, and the lieutenant respected the sergeant's experience.

Personally, I have never minded asking questions when I do not know the answer. My experience has been that most people respect my authority even more because of this. The simple fact is that your intelligence demonstrates itself! You do not need to emphasize it to get respect. This is a loosing strategy. You should assume that your colleagues are at least as intelligent as you are. This posture commands respect, and when they see you instantly use the knowledge that you have gained from a question to which you have just uncovered the answer, they will know that it is your ability to think on your feet that make you capable and worthy of following. All that pretending to know and posturing to look important is for the foolish, and for those who are uninitiated in the fabulous blessings of common sense!

Thank you. :)
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