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Anything involving voluptuous warrior women in modern, ancient, and futuristic scenarios. Fights to the death are encouraged, but not required.

The women must be curvy to voluptuous in size. Large breasts and buttocks are encouraged. Art, photography and all media accepted.

If you've got something with a lot of style, then put it in Featured. Submit to the gallery that makes the most sense otherwise.

I won't be upset if you put the wrong content in the wrong folder by mistake. Trust your judgement.
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Jun 4, 2013


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334 Members
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deviation in storage by D3D-PerilArt
deviation in storage by D3D-PerilArt
Voluptuous Sketches and Black and Whites
Amazons Warriors With Big Huge Muscles
Super Sized Warriors
The Pin-Up Perspective: Any Voluptuous Glamor
Exciting Amazon Literature
She Fell on a Bed of SPIKES
Not Voluptuous, but Still Warriors
The Featured Highlight Reel
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Latest Favourite Artists

Behold: The Voluptuous Warrior's Decree...

Sheelah The Remarkable photo Sheelah Covered_1.jpg

Luxuriate in these vast, comfortable halls of theatrical creativity.

:iconvoluptuouswarriors: :iconproudwarrioress:

Proud Warrioress Art and Voluptuous Warriors exist to promote, represent, and respect the voluptuous woman in action-heroine and villainess scenarios, combined with a sexy and erotic twist. We do not promote violence toward women, but rather, we allow women to express their full sex appeal and empowerment in a fantasy-inspired forum.

The works of art and literature produced by Proud Warrioress Art depict scenes involving actresses, playing roles as they perform in a forum together that they all love. They joy in starring in these productions, and one should be aware that the violence and blood that the viewer sees are simply special effects in their fantasy life.

No one should be inspired to hurt a living woman by our work. We in fact represent the opposite, and maintain that a group of women may enjoy their desires together and display their abundant femininity safely with respect and dignity at the same time.

Although Voluptuous Warriors Contributors and Members have their own art and views, I believe that we all embrace the spirit of this: artwork and fantasy are anything goes, but in reality, we uphold women with care and respect. All of our Contributors are known for displaying a classy view of the type of art that we produce, and I respect their work tremendously.

With that said, keep in mind, this group is where voluptuous women fight one another to the death in every imaginable scenario. Artists: Bring Your A Game. Don't hold back.

Big Boobs LOVER by 0Guardian0 Rub by 0Guardian0 Big Boobs LOVER by 0Guardian0
Got ass? Stamp by BootiesRUs Breasts stamp by Somethingfake Got ass? Stamp by BootiesRUs

Enter these halls, and enjoy these tales of feminine heroism!!

:iconproudwarrioress: :icondalecar: :iconjerrie46: :iconseaquester: :iconx-commissions:

Most of our Contributors are Sexyamazons Premium Artists. We are part of an extensive member site with thousands of images. Each of us have our own area in the site, and you get access to all of us when you join. You can join for a non-recurring, 3 month period for only $19.95

To join Sexyamazons Premium simply click this link and follow the directions:…

The instructions are also here for your convenience:…


We want to give special recognition to MrBadHand, a very well respected artist at Sexyamazons, and a contributor here at Voluptuous Warriors. His artwork is always very sexy, but also very respectful and skilled in it's presentation. Here are a few gorgeous illustrations of Proud Warrioress by MrBadHand:


We also want to give special recognition to a fabulous and respected artist at SexyAmazons, Monsant, who is also a Contributor here at Voluptuous Warriors! He has illustrated a wonderful drawing of Proud Warrioress located here:…


Check out Shawn O'Toole aka YellowPlasma's Action/Adventure Erotica at these links!…………
And while you're there, just click on his other stories and take a peek!

And check out for amazon art featuring catfights, femdom, glamorous voluptuous art, muscular ladies, bad girls, girls with guns and more!

**I WANT MORE COMBAT ART IN FEATURED! ARTISTS TURN IT UP! Keep submitting all art there, but Give Us Some ACTION!**

Damn! You guys Did turn it up! Awesome!


:iconproudwarrioress: :iconcomoplz: :iconcommissionsopenplz: :iconcomoplz: :iconcommissionsopenplz: :iconcomoplz: :iconproudwarrioress:

Proud Warrioress Art is happy to announce that commissions are open.

Click the link below for prices and formats:…

Paypal by Th3EmOo Is the preferred payment method.

:iconrequestsclosedplz: :iconreqclplz: :iconrequestsclosedplz: :iconreqclplz: :iconrequestsclosedplz: :iconreqclplz: :iconrequestsclosedplz:

Requests are closed

:iconreqfplz: :icontrfplz: :iconcolfplz: :iconreqfplz: :icontrfplz: :iconcolfplz: :iconreqfplz:

Blue bra whooty by DrTicklerOfSoftSoles Smooth pawg by DrTicklerOfSoftSoles Blue bra whooty by DrTicklerOfSoftSoles









It is time to make some things clear to anyone who has a less-than-dignified view of Proud Warrioress Art and the Contributors and Co-Founders of every group administered by us.

Erotic art is clearly not pornography. Erotic art does not exist to demean women, or make women feel that their bodies are less than beautiful, or make people go irreversibly insane when they see a pair of titties.

Pornography specifically makes use of actors and actresses to have sex and do other erotic acts for pure profit and a type of entertainment that caters to the lowest view of human sexual behavior. This statement is not meant to imply that every movie and video that is made about nude people engaged in erotocism is pornography. There are productions that hire film crews and actresses to tell a true and genuine story. This is not pornography. This is in fact a form of art.

What is the difference? It is about respect. It is about dignity. It is about the performers or the artists having a true artistic vision and bringing it to life in a way that does not sell out their own soul. At Proud Warrioress Art, we LOVE women with luscious, bodacious buttocks, full, heavy breasts, and gorgeous, feminine attitudes. We like to celebrate that beauty. We further believe that Everyone should celebrate what they find beautiful.

By creating works of art that feature such women in every medium possible, we are announcing to the world "Look at these women. See how they carry themselves with pride, with dignity, even as they live out their fantasies with one another in a sexually-charged atmosphere that they all love and cherish."

We are in fact tired of seeing videos with women simply shaking their ass while someone sprays baby oil on it, or jiggling their breasts in that empty way that does not represent art in any way. We're tired of vixens just twerking or licking their lips with oversized Versace shades on their face.

We bring you plots and storylines. You see regal ladies in our work, you see self-made crime bosses and righteous law women in our work. You will find empresses, sorceresses, amazons, and cowgirls here. You see depth. You see women being women, and playing out scenarios that were once only enjoyed by men, marching around like Arnold Swarchenegger blowing away hundreds of bad guys. Our art takes this a step further, and it allows the expression of feminine sexuality and sensuousness along with these exciting plots and stories.

You do not have to do as we do. You do not have to illustrate tales of sultry actresses play-acting erotic combat scenarios like we do to make erotic art. You simply have to share with us the depth of your appreciation of the voluptuous woman. Share your fantasy in your characters, be they giantesses, or bound in ropes, or furry pseudo-human female vixens. Just make it dignified for your characters. Even if your characters like to be humiliated or whipped, or Whatever, just be conscientious enough to demonstrate to your audience that your characters enjoy what they are doing, that they are not victims, that they are in fact doing what they love.

Human beings are meant to have sex! If we were not, then life would end for us All with the current generation! Know this: sex is beautiful, Sexuality is beautiful.

Recently, we encountered a woman who did not want to include a work of art that we produce in a group simply because the art features a woman who is topless and an assassiness at the same time. She asked "Why is she topless? Why are her breasts so big?"

She did not realize that the founder of the very group that she belongs to complimented us the week before on our view of the voluptuous female form. That same group founder actually Invited us to share our work featuring beautiful women. We went on to explain this to her. Lol, it would not be beyond the scope of reason to call her a hater.

You see, she could not see past her own deluded view of what Proud Warrioress Art really represents. We also suspect that she is unhappy with herself, and would like to attack those who posses the type of body that she lacks. She called many of our characters grotesque. One can only wonder at why she has so much hatred for characters who are simply minding their own business, being themselves and loving it. Not to mention that most of our characters are modeled after Actual Living Voluptuous Women who LOVE themselves!

In effect, by calling our characters grotesque, she is actually calling the very women that they are modeled after grotesque as well.

We have said this before, and we will say it again, You Do Not Need To Hate a Person Simply Because You Are Uncomfortable With Yourself And Wish That You Have What They Have! There are plenty of people who are going to love you just the way you are, whether you are fat, skinny, dark of skin or light. Do Not Aspire To Be What Someone Else Wants! Simply be yourself, and attract people who love you for what you are...just as we at Proud Warrioress Art have done. If you do, you will not feel the need to attack others because of some deeply-hidden inadequacy that you feel for yourself.

Once you love yourself, it will all become clear, there Are no inadequacies...only uniqueness!

One love everyone! :)
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